Car is one in every of the foremost essential things. it is one thing that individuals use on a daily basis. automotive will take us to anywhere among a brief span of time. Such a useful factor must be handled properly. Maintaining the automotive is incredibly necessary. Maintenance determines the longevity yet as the performance of a automotive. Maintenance is not only concerning cleaning the automotive and painting the automotive to keep it shiny. you wish to take automotive of all the parts of the car. The parts within the bonnet need a lot of attention as these parts determine the performance of your automotive. These parts need routine maintenance. Take your automotive to the service station on a daily basis.

If you don’t get the time to take your automotive to the service station quite often you can undergo the owner’s manual. this may help you to maintain take automotive of the car yourself. Checking the battery, changing the oil are things that you mustn't avoid. Checking the electrical system is equally necessary.

For maintaining a automotive properly you must follow a couple of straightforward steps such as:

• Rotate the tires once each eight,000km.

• amendment the tire for a new one if required.

• Keep tires aligned and inflated.

• Check the tire pressure at least once in a week. bad tyre pressure conjointly affects the fuel economy.

• Don’t forget to scrub brake dust often. Use clean cold water to do away with brake dust.

• Check the rubber drive belts that are there in front of the engine. After 50,000 miles the rubber drive belts ought to be replaced.

• Use the grade of motor oil per the advice of the manufacturer.

• you can check the oil level yourself. during this means u are going to be ready to perceive whether the engine desires oil.

• Checking the coolant level is additionally vital.

• Battery terminals are also required to be checked.

• opt for regular engine tune-ups.

• The lights conjointly demand regular checking.

• amendment clogged air filters often.

• Wash your automotive on a daily basis.

• Wax it sometimes.

• continually use original parts.

Even if you check your automotive parts often it is necessary that your automotive gets inspected by a mechanic. this could be done at least once in a year. a number of the parts of the automotive cannot be inspected visually. The mechanical inspection will cover these parts like brakes, suspension and thus on.

If you find something wrong with your automotive opt for servicing immediately. this may prevent from more harassment. it will conjointly save your money. If you notice any unusual noise, shimmer, vibration, leak or warning light-weight while driving take your automotive to a garage without any delay.

You can maintain a log book, where you can keep the small print concerning the maintenance, routine check-up and repairing of the automotive. but following these tips are not enough. you must conjointly remember a couple of things while driving. you must avoid rash driving so as to save your automotive from any quite harm.

Maintenance of a automotive will help you in varied ways. A properly maintained automotive ensures safe and smooth driving.


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